How long do dried flowers last?

The clue is in our name! If cared for correctly (see below for more), dried flowers can last for many years. As they are a natural product, you may see a slight change in colour over time and the longer you have them - the drier they get. They are a stunning and sustainable alternative to fresh flowers and a great investment.

How do I care for dried flowers?

Follow these tips to keep your dried flowers looking beautiful -

  • Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight
  • Display in a cool, dry place free from humidity
  • Avoid getting your blooms wet, dried flowers do not need any water
  • To remove dust or cobwebs gently blow dry on a cool setting
  • If you have pampas in your bouquet, you can blow dry it on a cool setting to 'fluff' it up and then apply some hairspray to prevent moulting
  • Be gentle with them, they can be quite delicate, so avoid moving them too frequently between vases
  • To store any seasonal displays, simply wrap them in tissue or Kraft paper and pop them in your cupboard, loft or anywhere dry until next year!

What are your shipping options and when will my order arrive?

Shipping Methods -

Nationwide - Letterbox at £3.95 - The cost per letterbox parcel. You can also select this option if ordering more than 1 bouquet and will be charged £3.95 per item (these will arrive in individual letterbox parcels).

Nationwide - Medium Parcel at £5.50 - If ordering multiple bouquets or wreaths, these will be sent in a larger (non letterbox) parcel up to a maximum of 10 bouquets. If you wish to order more than 10 bouquets, please email us at hello@eden-everlasting.com

Nationwide - Large Parcel at £12 - For large bouquets, one per box.

Pick up (Solihull, West Midlands) - You may pre-arrange to collect your flowers via email at hello@eden-everlasting.com. When confirmed, you can select Pick up at checkout and complete your purchase.

Lead Times -

We will aim to ship all orders within 1 week of them being placed. Keep an eye out for announcements on this during busy times or holidays.

You will receive a dispatch notification to advise your order is on it's way. Orders will arrive in line with courier lead times and postal zone, which vary from 2-5 days from dispatch.

Please note, these lead times cannot be guaranteed and may vary in busy periods so please wait 5 working days after receiving your dispatch notification before contacting us.

If you have any concerns regarding your delivery - please contact us at hello@eden-everlasting.com quoting your order number. 

How do I arrange my flowers?

As with any flowers, you can arrange them how you like. Please see below for some of our top tips -

  • Arrange your flowers in the vase you would like to display them in. We recommend one with a narrow neck (1-3ins wide)

  • As with fresh flowers you can trim the stems to suit your vase

  • Place larger stems (pampas, grasses, palms) at the back to provide structure, medium stems in the middle and smaller stems grouped together at the front

  •  The stems do not need to sit in water or touch the base of the vase so you can simply lift individual stems to the desired height

  • You can always add a tie of string or ribbon if you would like more support or the stems closer together
  • The bouquet pictures on our website can be used as a guide when following the above steps

  • Have fun! 

Do you create bespoke or larger than letterbox bouquets?

We sure do! Please do email us at hello@eden-everlasting.com to discuss your ideas.

Do you provide event arrangements e.g. parties, weddings, baby showers etc.?

Absolutely, we love a celebration and helping you create gorgeous displays for your special occasion. Please drop us an email at hello@eden-everlasting.com to discuss.

How environmentally friendly are you?

Dried flowers are not only stunning, but sustainable too. They last so much longer than fresh flowers (basically forever!) and don't need any water to keep them looking amazing. Growing and shipping fresh flowers consumes a huge amount of energy and water, not to mention the use of chemicals and refrigerated transport required - so we're already ticking lots of environmentally friendly boxes. All of our packaging is also made from recycled (where possible) and recyclable materials.

Do you ship outside of the UK?

Unfortunately we don't at the moment but watch this space!